Over de Gebrande Winning

De Gebrande Winning is the restaurant created from scratch in, November 2014, by chef Raf Sainte. He inherited his obsession for pure products and local ingredients from grandmother Simone. With shopping bag in hand, she traveled all over town looking for the meatiest ribs, the juiciest spit-roasted chicken, vegetables and fruits she grew herself. With it, she created the signature dishes that only a grandmother can conjure up on the table. This love for precision and products is also in Chef Raf Sainte's blood. With Grandma Simone's passion, he brings a cuisine inspired by the past, but detached from conventions or classic beliefs.

In 2020, Ratebeer awarded the restaurant the award of "Best Beer Restaurant in the World. An un-expected accolade that moved us and has motivated us to honor that title ever since. Week after week, the chef's culinary passion and creativity are combined with the special beer cellar to sur-prise guests with original dishes and surprising pairings often with an unexpected twist.


Love for beer and fine products are at the heart of this characteristic farmhouse, which has kept its authentic charm and has a nice café at the entrance. The annual beer festival, the huge beer menu and excellent beer pairings: the glass plays a defining role here. In return, Chef Sainte puts forth dishes that intertwine the richness of Flemish recipes without fuss with modern subtleties. Saignant fried beef, fresh garnishes around pea and asparagus, topped with a brown gravy with depth: this is the kind of generous efficiency that puts a smile on your face time and time again.

Collage De Gebrande Winning